COVID-19 Update March 21st



Ensuring KCFC is a Safe Place to Get Groceries

In times like these, we must come together as a community. We want to assure you KCFC is taking take its responsibility as a “life-sustaining business” very seriously, and we are working hard to nourish and protect our community of shoppers and employees.

We are open, well-stocked, and are maintaining short checkout lines.
Please see more important updates below.

Stocking Our Shelves

This week we have worked hard with existing and new distributors to secure greater supply of food and meet demand across the store.

  • Friday we received a large order of meats including steaks, ground beef, pork chops, and chicken, as well as locally baked bread.
  • Saturday we received shipments of grocery and fresh produce, which was three times larger than last Saturday’s delivery!

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Wonder if something is in stock?
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Modified Store Hours

Beginning Monday 3/23, we will be modifying our store hours to support the safety of our shoppers.

  • 9-10am “HIGH RISK” Hours: 
    The first hour of the day will be reserved for shoppers at “high-risk” of complications from a COVID-19 infection, such as those with compromised immune systems, co-morbidities, and senior citizens.
  • 10am-8pm “EVERYONE” Hours:
    Healthy shoppers are welcome beginning at 10am.

Why the change?
COVID-19 is extra dangerous for people who have compromised immune systems, underlying medical conditions, and those who are over 60 years old. Many stores have begun offering abbreviated hours to minimize exposure for these high-risk individuals, and we are doing the same in order to create the safest possible shopping experience for everyone.

Your cooperation will make us all safer.

We’re In This Together

We’re taking a lot of precautions to protect your safety in the store. Here’s a reminder of what you can do:

  • Using hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the Co-op and as you shop
  • Thoroughly washing hands often and avoid touching your face
  • Avoid touching goods you do not intend to purchase
  • Maintaining safe distance between other shoppers, taking turns when shopping the same aisles and coolers
  • Have a plan by coordinating with a friend or neighbor to shop for each other if one of you falls ill

Thank You For Your Support

We all know these are trying times. Thank you for your support, and for your understanding as we continue to adapt to this ever-changing situation.

If you have any questions, please email our general manager, Mike Richards, at or call us at (215) 515-7887.

In health and solidarity,
KCFC Board of Directors and Staff


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