COVID-19 Update March 28th



Protecting & Nourishing Us All

KCFC takes its responsibility as a “life-sustaining business” very seriously. We are doing everything in our power to nourish and protect our community of shoppers and employees.

We’re stocked with high-demand basics like eggs, meats, produce, and bread. We have replenished our dry goods throughout the store including baking and home remedies!

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Read on for important updates below.

Continued Action to Keep Everyone Safe

To protect our customers and employees, KCFC is closely tracking best practices adopted by grocery stores nationwide. Effective Saturday, March 28, we are making the following changes in the store:

  • Plexiglass shields are being installed at the register to put more protective space between cashiers and customers.
  • Social distancing floor markers will help customers stay six feet apart at checkout and while shopping.
  • Reusable bags are no longer permitted to reduce virus spread. Customers must bag their own groceries using paper bags provided at the register.
  • Bulk goods will be pre-packaged so that you can purchase these items without needing to touch containers and weighing implements. Please excuse our appearance as we transition.
  • Coffee grinder will now be operated by staff only. To purchase ground coffee, please pick up a pre-packaged bag of beans and bring it to a staff member for assistance.
  • Bulk spices are temporarily discontinued as we reevaluate options for sale. In the meantime, you can still find our regular selection of packaged spices in the grocery section.

As always, please remember to use hand sanitizer when you enter and exit the store and while you shop.

KCFC will be CLOSED on MONDAY 3/30
to clean, reorganize, and train staff.

Join the COVID-19 Task Force

Grocery stores like ours are on the front lines of how communities are responding to COVID-19, and our work has never been more vital. Here’s an important way YOU can pitch in.

KCFC is launching a COVID-19 Task Force to help ensure our store remains the safest possible place to shop. Made up of Staff, Board, and community volunteers, the Task Force will:

  • Monitor developments on COVID-19 locally and nationally
  • Track grocery best practices for COVID-19 preparedness and response
  • Develop plans to ensure a positive customer experience while minimizing exposure risk, in partnership with our GM Mike Richards
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Email Mike:

Suspending Member Discounts in Support of Staff

In order to provide KCFC employees with a well-earned temporary pay increase during the COVID-19 crisis, the Board of Directors and General Manager have agreed to suspend the 5% everyday member discount.

This is not a decision we take lightly. However, we believe this is a necessary sacrifice during this challenging time to support our staff during their above-and-beyond commitment to serving this community.

This WILL NOT impact member-owners in our Food for All program, whose 10% discounts will remain unchanged. If you have recently lost your job or are experiencing financial insecurity, talk to an employee about how the KCFC Food For All program may be able to help lower your grocery costs.

Staff will receive increases backdated to March 15. The member discount suspension will go into effect on Tuesday, March 31, and will remain in effect until no longer required.

Share Your Thanks

Next time you’re in The Co-op, we hope you will join us in thanking our incredible employees for their hard work, flexibility, and commitment to providing the community with high quality, fresh, and local foods.

If you have any questions, please email our general manager, Mike Richards, at or call us at (215) 515-7887.

In health and solidarity,
KCFC Board of Directors and Management


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