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KCFC is owned by its members. We use a cooperative business model encoded in our bylaws, which govern how the Co-op must function to ensure that democratic member control is maintained. In the Membership Contract you sign when joining, you accept the bylaws as fundamental rules that govern us.

In accordance with our bylaws, the member-owners elect a Board of Directors to oversee the executive operations of our co-op. The Board is accountable to the member-owners. Democratic control ensures that the business maintains adequate strategic, financial, and social health. KCFC Board elections occur annually for terms of 3 years.

The governance model further empowers the Board to create member committees, each of which must include a Board member, to implement and execute activities of the Co-op as needed. The Board is also responsible to hire and manage the General Manager, who is accountable to it.

Meet our General Manager

Mike Richards General Manager

Mike has been in the natural foods industry since 1997. He came to KCFC from Creekside Co-op in Elkins Park, PA, where he originally set up the meat and seafood department and then became the  Operations Manager. Prior to that, he spent 18 years working for Whole Foods. Although he doesn’t live in the area, Mike spent time in the River Wards neighborhoods and was attracted to them because of their very strong sense of community. He has 2 teenagers so, in his words, “now my hobbies are soccer practice and chauffeuring.” Mike enjoys being outside, especially for skiing in the winter and hiking at any time of the year. When it comes to food prep, his favorites are soups and stews. 

Board of Directors

Voting in the election for the Board of Directors is the simplest way to effect change in your store. By voting, you participate in the direction that we take as a community-owned organization. We urge you to participate in elections to have your voice heard.

Consider running for the Board. KCFC relies on good leadership—people who can work effectively together to help guide the organization. While diverse interests, experiences, and skills are useful in Board members, the ability to listen and to work well with others is key.

Contact the Co-op at with any questions about Board elections or if you’d like to support the effort.

A key principle that makes all this work is transparency.

Any member-owner is welcome to attend our monthly Board meetings, which occur on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Minutes are also available upon request. To request minutes, send an email to and include your full name and member # (on your KCFC card) with a brief message.

We also hold General Membership & Community Meetings twice annually, usually in May and November. These meetings offer a “State of the Co-op” and are open to both existing and prospective member-owners, as well as our neighbors. Join our email list to receive our newsletter and like us on Facebook to know when these meetings are held.

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