June’s Artist of the Month: Eva Sturtz

Check out Eva's work in the Bottle Shop throughout June!

Eva Sturtz is a contemporary oil painter who grew up abroad, finally settling in Philadelphia where she has resided since 2011. She earned her BFA from Moore College of Art & Design in 2015 focusing on painting and video storytelling. Her work can be found in collections across the United States and internationally. 

Eva’s work explores the simultaneous beauty and tragedy of the human condition. By combining elements of both traditional figurative and glitch art, she illustrates the challenges of the innate human desire to archive life and preserve memories of the past. Her work is a commentary on the rapid and constant evolution of self, and the subsequent difficulty of capturing, immortalizing, and remembering pivotal defining moments over the course of a lifetime. 

In exploring these universal themes, she transforms individualized experiences into a source of human connection, creating a tangible visual representation of a collective experience that others can absorb and connect to in their own unique way. 

Eva's work is for sale, pricing and Venmo information is available in the KCFC Bottle Shop.