Join and Own the Place!

It’s not just a membership: KCFC’s shared ownership model means that you actually own a share of the Co-op. Ownership shows a commitment not only to the neighborhood, but to local producers.

Enjoy more ways to save

Member Appreciation & Member Specials – KCFC has Member Appreciation Weeks four times a year, offering 10% off the entire week! We also offer over 50 Member Specials a month including discounts across our store. Keep updated with Member Specials through our social media and store signage.

Shop Local Program – Save at more than 50 neighborhood businesses offering discounts to member-owners. You can easily save enough to pay off your membership!

Buy More and Save –  Get an extra 10% off when you pre-order by the case.

Exclusive Members-Only Deals – Take advantage of bulk case discounts and other specials only available to member-owners.

Use Co-op Ca$h – Your Co-op Ca$h is a debit account for your household. Member-owners can deposit cash or check to use as payment for future visits. Make checkout quick and easy, just say “use my co-op ca$h” at the register and you’re on your way. (Plus, help the co-op save thousands of dollars per year on credit/debit card fees!)

Discounted Event Space Rental – Hosting your event at our bottle shop/patio is only $50  per hour for Member-Owners! ($60 per hour for Non-Members.) For more info on renting our community space, visit the Bottle Shop tab.

Support a business that supports your values

Hyperlocal level – The creation of a grocery store to provide access to healthy food and employment opportunities to our local communities

Local level – The investment in a business guided by a mission supporting local farmers and businesses, promoting fair trade, enabling more empowered food choice, encouraging healthy living, and sustaining reinvestment in the community. Learn more about area co-ops.

Global level – Contributing to the worldwide cooperative movement. (Learn more about the global co-op movement.)

Have a stake in the Co-op

Take part in democratic governance – Every member-owner has a say in how KCFC is governed by member-owners’ election of the Board. You can choose to run for the Board yourself!

Participate in the co-op’s growth – Member-owners are encouraged to get involved by serving on our committees and other volunteer opportunities.

Become a Member-Owner

You have the options of paying your investment of $300 in full (a one-time payment) or on an installment plan of $25 Twice a Year (every 6 Months).


one-time payment (full investment)



every other month for two years (partial investment)

Join today! Enroll online or see a cashier at the Co-op to fill out a short application form.

Flexible Membership

KCFC is committed to having income not be a barrier to co-op membership; we recognize that a one-time $300 payment or $25 every other month may be a stretch for some of our lower-income neighbors. With that in mind, we created the Flexible Membership program. This program offers a low-payment plan that allows qualified member-owners to pay their equity in $10 installments twice yearly.

To be eligible, we ask those who apply to self-identify as a recipient of public assistance (SSI/SSD, WIC, SNAP, etc.) or as low income. You can request an application to the Flexible Membership program at the store. For more information check out our Food for All page.

*This program was funded by a grant to KCFC, generously donated by Penn Treaty Special Services District.