What does it really mean to “deepen my equity”?

You may have recently heard the term “deepening equity” as a great way to support KCFC during this difficult time. We wanted to follow-up to provide further definition about what it means to deepen your equity


Equity is your ownership stake in the Co-op. By deepening your equity, you are increasing your investment in KCFC. Equity investments are used to keep KCFC running. By increasing your equity investment in KCFC, you’re providing KCFC with the means to keep offering local products in store, which means we invest in other local small businesses. Your equity never goes away and will always be tied to your account. In the long-term, you may receive profit-sharing back from the business according to your amount of equity.


Here are some other commonly-asked questions about deepening equity:


What is the current level of equity required?

The current level of equity for new member-owners is $300. This went into effect in January 2020. If you joined before January 2020, that means you joined at the $200 equity level. Any member-owner that is still at the $200 level is strongly encouraged to increase their equity to the $300 level, but it is not required. 


If every member who joined at the $200 level increased to $300, that would add $109,100 to our bank account!


What is my current level of equity?

Please email [email protected] if you’d like to find out your current level of equity.


How do I increase my equity?

  • Fill out this Equity Payoff/Increase form

  • Venmo KCFC (@KCFCoop —include your name, member number, and “Equity Increase” in the payment details) — this saves KCFC processing fees

  • Bring cash or a check for your equity increase to a cashier next time you’re in the store


What is the maximum amount of equity I can have in KCFC?

Right now, the maximum is $2,000. This may change in the future as our bylaws state “…no member shall own or control more than one percent (1%) of the Co­op’s total membership capital.no member shall own or control more than one percent (1%) of the Co­op’s total membership capital…” so the number changes as our membership increases.


I want to increase my equity but can only do a small amount. Is that okay?

Absolutely! KCFC is appreciative of any additional amount that member-owners can invest in the co-op. If you are not able to do a larger lump sum investment, please consider increasing your equity over time in installments. 


We hope this helps member-owners understand why deepening equity is a valuable way to show your support for KCFC. If you have any further questions about deepening your equity or other ways to get involved, please email [email protected].